Upcoming events

We will be running regular free training and collaborative discussion events throughout the year – join  us! We also publish recordings of presentations and webinars on our Vimeo channel too – check it out!

Big Solar Call – Tuesday 8 February 2022 – 13:00

This is a regular introductory level Zoom call where we will get together for an hour to discuss how things are evolving with the Big Solar Co-op and give updates. Anyone on the mailing list can join in and you don’t need to be an expert in community solar to be invited, but please do root around our website and see what we have been up to so far if you haven’t already: https://bigsolar.coop

To be invited to these Zoom calls, please complete this form: https://forms.gle/ySzw2HqPx6Hh7bvQ9

(Notes of previous calls can be accessed in this public Google doc and you can add any points you would like to raise in the next call there)

Big Solar Webinar – 1 March, 18:30

The next in our series of free, public webinars on the pressing issues that affect all community solar install projects, delivered by our Solar Projects Lead – Chris Rigby

A deeper dive into the process timeline end to end, from site submission through to construction. We’re aware that when sites are submitted if you’re not designing them or working on a building approach directly they seem to disappear into a black hole. Unfortunately as we’re usually under NDAs we can’t give you the full details until they come out the other side and are ready to start building. Join us as we shine some light on what happens with the projects, and if any bits particularly interest you, how you could get involved in the future.

Book your seat here: https://endtoendwebinar.eventbrite.co.uk