The Big Solar Co-op needs volunteers for it to function. This is how the first steps go if you choose to give us your time to help make scaled up community solar possible across the UK:

  1. Fill out this simple form to let us know that you are interested in volunteering.
  2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement with Sharenergy (a bit of legalese but nothing too scary).
  3. Attend a training webinar for the OpenSolar online software that the Big Solar Co-op uses.
  4. Receive link to our custom OpenSolar documentation.
  5. Join our #opensolar Slack channel for support and ideas from other volunteers and Big Solar Co-op staff. We want your feedback on our processes too!
  6. Get cracking with designing solar arrays!

In the longer term the Big Solar Co-op will be supporting volunteers to liaise with local leads, negotiate with building owners and in some cases take on short term paid roles to project manage installations in specific areas.