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It’s time to put big roofs to work

Our unique model means empty roofs across the UK that are perfect for solar energy can start cutting bills, improving energy security, and reducing emissions to help tackle the climate crisis.

If it has a large roof and uses lots of electricity, we want to install solar. It’s common sense.

We’re generating clean energy on multiple sites right now and have a further 40 projects ready to roll out across the country. They’re all signed off. We’re good to go. 

Project updates

Get the latest updates on our projects and the impact we’re making. Be the first to know about new initiatives and successes as we transform rooftops into powerhouses of clean energy.

Volunteer opportunities

Want to get hands-on with the solar revolution? Learn about opportunities to volunteer with us and help bring clean energy to your area.

Investment opportunities

Your investment can help us accelerate our mission. By joining our mailing list, you’ll receive information on how you can invest in our cooperative and earn a healthy annual return, all while supporting a sustainable future.