Community solar anywhere

The Big Solar Co-op is a new approach to subsidy-free community solar, supported by Sharenergy. We’re working across the UK to:

  • Make solar viable on a huge range of sites – without subsidy
  • Empower and support volunteers to work together to get it built
  • Fight the climate crisis through large-scale, grassroots community action

Learn more about how you can get involved or read about the Big Solar Co-op vision and the need for the project.


  • Not long now…
    Come and see what we are doing in Birmingham – you could do it in your neighbourhood too.
  • New green job alert!
    Would you like to work towards an ambitious target for rooftop solar PV with the Big Solar Co-op + Community Energy Birmingham?
  • The Big Solar Gathering
    Join us for a day of expert speakers, hands on demonstrations, showcases from our Pioneer Programme learning and interesting new people to meet.