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Introducing Dean

​​Hello there! I’m Dean Hill, the Client Lead for the Big Solar Co-op. That means that I’ll be communicating and liaising with business owners and leaders of community organisations, guiding them through the process of leasing the space above their roofs to us for the benefit of ​​the ​environment ​​​and much reduced energy bills.

Over my career I have collaborated with numerous community groups in both volunteering and key lead capacities (including Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) along with consulting work in multiple sectors (you can see these adventures documented for posterity on LinkedIn here if you really want to).

I am now excited about helping to hook up as many different sized, shaped and flavoured organisations ​in​to a flow of clean, inexpensive​, efficient​ solar electricity.

When I interviewed for this role after another gruelling tour of duty in the music industry, I was asked if I would find this new role exciting enough.  “What’s more rock & roll than saving the planet” I replied. Now with your help it’s high time for us to get on with the job of making it happen in the real world. 

So here I am with some of the most switched on and knowledgeable people in the UK Community Energy movement, who have created a set of bespoke tools and supplier relationships to design, install, optimise and manage solar installations.

Let’s get mining the rooftops of Britain, are you in?