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Springing into action

January and February have been tough all round but after a bit of a slow-ish start to 2021, it is now fair to say that the Big Solar Co-op is picking up some serious momentum! Building on the success of our Finding community solar sites event we have another webinar next month, are starting up a regular call for people to come and ask us (almost) anything about the Big Solar Co-op, and have been busy getting to know our new Solar Projects Lead.

Chris Rigby joined us last week and has hit the ground running, with new ideas and insights to help us to take our Pioneer programme to the next level.

The Pioneer programme is filling out nicely and we are watching with great interest as our notion of ‘who’ would be the frontrunners to join up to the Big Solar Co-op gets blown apart! We are finding that there are indeed some local energy co-ops who want to deliver solar projects that the loss of FiTs had stymied – as we anticipated – and a good number of climate action or broader environmental collectives who had not yet formed active energy group, that want our support to get installs going. But the interest from corporates looking to secure long term lower cost power, councils who have declared climate emergencies (and now need to start coming good on them) and individuals on a mission with great skills to offer but little or no activist network in their area – are pleasant surprises! We are seeing people and organisations come to us from all sectors with a wide range of motivating factors which bodes well for building and scaling this ambitious national project.

Big Solar Call – 29 March, 19:00

This is a monthly chat style Zoom call where we will get together for an hour to discuss how things are evolving with the Big Solar Co-op and listen to suggestions and ideas from others. There will be a theme to each session and time for general questions afterwards. Anyone on the mailing list can join in and you don’t need to be an expert in community solar to be invited, but please do root around our website and see what we have been up to so far if you haven’t already:

To be invited to the Zoom call, please complete this form:

Approaching host sites webinar – 20 April, 18:30

Find out how we prepare to approach potential host sites with outline proposals and indicative solar array designs to see whether they are interested in taking a solar generation project forward with the Big Solar Co-op. Anyone who has succeeded (or failed!) in getting a solar community energy installation up on a non-domestic roof will know that this part of the process can be particularly tricky. Typically you have just one chance to get it right. That’s why we are working hard at the Big Solar Co-op to simplify this crucial step and support volunteer activists to seal deals for clean energy in their local areas.

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