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Building owners and users

We’re always on the lookout for suitable new solar sites anywhere in the UK. Here’s our message to potential site owners and users:

Could your roof be working harder?

Do you own a business or are you involved with a public building which could use some solar power? You could reduce carbon emissions while making a long-term saving on electricity costs.

We’re a UK-wide not-for-profit organisation making it easy to put solar on rooftops. We install, own and manage the panels and there is no capital cost for building owners. We sell you clean, renewable power from the roof for less than you are currently paying for grid electricity.

  1. We’ll work with you to analyse your site. It does not have to be south-facing, or in a particularly sunny part of the UK. You will need a sound roof and it will help if you use quite a lot of power on-site.
  2. We’ll give you a proposal based on an attractive electricity tariff and a flexible long-term agreement to site our panels on your roof.
  3. We’ll manage the installation, operation and maintenance of the panels.

The Big Solar Co-op is a good partner – we are ethical and open, supported by existing coops with an excellent track record. Our bottom line is to reduce climate change and our finance comes from community shares and bonds  – members of the public investing for a small but stable and ethical financial return. 

Send us an email to set up an chat or complete our short site submission form online. We will analyse your roof and tell you if it is viable for solar through us, with no obligation and no hard sell.