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We’re aiming to be raising funds soon. If you are interested in supporting a new generation of community solar across the UK and receiving a steady return on your investment please do indicate your interest here and we will make sure you are kept up to date. A full share offer document will be available when our offers are ready to go.

You can also sign up for our Big Solar Co-op shareoffer Q&A Zoom event on Thursday, 31 March:

Shares and bonds

We will be carrying out community share issues over the coming years and may also seek bond finance. As with other community energy projects, we will be offering different kinds of return on investment:

Environmental: we are a carbon-first initiative and our primary concern is to fight the climate crisis. By joining and supporting the Big Solar Co-op you will in most cases be making a larger contribution to decarbonisation than you could by investing in solar at home.

Social: you will be joining an organisation that is bringing a new model to solar, involving many more people directly in practical action. Our panels will reduce bills for a range of sites from industrial users to public buildings. We’re working to bring co-operatively-owned solar to places which are less sunny and less wealthy, with all our surplus re-invested in solar.

Financial: Our interest rates will be competitive and we are working to make investment in Big Solar Co-op flexible so it is easier to get your money out if you need it. Shares in the Big Solar Co-op are exempt from Inheritance Tax so you can pass on your membership without penalty.

Our project pipeline

We are working hard to make community solar PV continue to be viable without the Feed in Tariff (FiT) subsidies and are ambitious in our aim to install 100MWp of rooftop solar across the UK by 2025.

Our first 2 major industrial sites have signed exclusivity agreements with us and we are finalising simple, transparent leases for them now. This means we can start thinking about how to fund these pioneer installs – totalling 659 kWp – and need to be thinking about the others that are in our pipeline. To date (September 2021) we have prepared initial approaches to 48 host sites, totalling 4.5 MWp and firm proposals to 30 host sites, totalling 3.3 MWp.

Our track record

The Big Solar Co-op has been developed by Sharenergy who will also administer the share and bond offers. Sharenergy have been heavily involved in community share offers which have raised more than £30 million in total, through over 10,000 individual investments by members of the public. You can see a list of projects Sharenergy has worked with and they have a useful primer on Investing in community energy.

If you would like us to contact you by email once our share offer is live, please complete this short form.

We don’t just want your money!

The Big Solar Co-op has been created from the ground up to enable volunteers to be more effective in fighting the climate crisis. So if you have any time to spare, there are lots of things we can do together, within a supportive and effective organisation – come and get involved!